Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take Kid to Work Day: The Obama White House

Coming to work at the White House while a guest of your Mom or Dad is an interesting exercise.  Inside the Calligraphy Office, ensconced in the East Wing sits a young man, Rick (Richard) Muffler who visited with his father, John Muffler, the joyful guy who wound all the WH clocks for more than fifty years.  Even more amazing is that John Muffler's father was President Harding's chauffeur.  Third generation White House worker Rick was made an intern after visiting many years ago for two calligraphers who showed him the ropes - except he's left handed.  Left handed, indelible inks with no mistakes allowed is a scary proposition for somebody tasked with presidential invites, military commissions, state dinners and official proclamations or certificates.   He became quite good at it as the the only southpaw in the Calligraphy Office where everything is done by hand.   (photo courtesy Clinton Presidential Library)

(Photo courtesy Alex Wong/Getty)
First Lady Michelle Obama took questions from enterprising students today that commuted alongside their parents into work at the White House. The children of the First Family's secret service detail - uniformed plus the guys and gals with the ear plugs, the entire East Wing staff of engineers, butlers, housekeepers and florists with the entire executive office's staffers were encouraged to bring their children to attend the day and spend time with FLOTUS in the East Room. 

Her endearing remarks referred to Bo waking the president and her up playing with a ball in the wee hours and nibbling on feet by day as "kind of crazy".   Michelle Obama sneaks out of the White house sans nosy reporters to have lunch with staffers at well known places where no one recognizes her.  Bo was spotted yesterday with the First Lady as she walked him in the chilly weather on the South Lawn.  The children attending the White House event ranged from 7 to 14 years of age.  One participant at the Take Your Child to Work Day at the White House was eight year old Maisy, the Bidens grandaughter. Michelle mentioned being very concerned about work life balance. She admitted the kids asked tough questions which she characterized as her very first official press conference.  (Photo Uniformed Secret Service at White House)

(Photo by Bill O'Leary/Post)

Her remarks were kind of fitting that she also stopped by the anachronistically entitled Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for John Berry's official swearing in as Personnel Wizard as part of the day's events while her husband was at the Holocaust Remembrance celebration in the Rotunda at the Capitol.  Sasha and Malia live over the entire workplace for both parents so they trudged off to Sidwell Friends leaving Mom to walk Bo yet again.


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