Monday, July 6, 2009

To Russia With Love

First family leaves for the 12 or so hour flight to Moscow after getting of the president's chopper and headed towards the 747. Photos courtesy AP
The first family trundled off of Marine One towards Air Force One looking very holiday driven rather than a business trip. Magical things will happen aboard Air Force One. Both honored staffs of the president (West Wing) and first lady (East Wing) are briefing the couple, ensuring wardrobe choices and preparing press releases. Other staff members and the press are already waiting in Moscow to cover the first family's arrival. The president will have pool sprays - cram the press in a little area to take pictures for a hot sec and perchance ask a question for a couple of minutes then herded back out to their holding pen until a more formal press conference. Currently only the president has a formal press conference schedule. Svetlana Medvedeva is not a flashy Russian first lady. Mrs. Putin has the Q factor of a character in the television show the Partridge Family. Raisa Gorbachyova was an iconic Russian first lady that clashed terribly with Nancy Reagan as she was the initial modern Soviet first lady to actually tour with her husband and do events at home and in other nations. Alas, first lady Michelle Obama is identifiable from remote fishing villages in the Aleutian Islands to the space station. Guess who's press shop needs a daily "guidance" announcement. (Before the Obama invasion, on Saturday Svetlana celebrated the Day of Love in Murom, Russia. Photo courtesy AP)

The Michelle show as she makes a quick stop to at a children's store in Paris.
Mrs. Obama's freshly engaged to be married press tsarina Katie McCormick-Llelyveld is going to find new levels of exhaustion. What was Mrs. O wearing, who did she meet with and her exact remarks at each and every stop will be demanded. The president and first lady will dine with the president and first lady of Russia. Hopefully, the kids will be able to sneak out to the Russian amusement zone in Gorky Park. As I have previously stated, the only first lady that caused a near melt down like this was in June 1961 for the grand European state tour of Jacqueline Kennedy as she accompanied her husband, JFK. Add the Obama kids and MELTDOWN is about to ensue.

One of the Russian Federation's most famous tourist sites, Moscow's Red Square. It separates the Kremlin from where the Russian president lives and will play host to the Obama's on Monday evening.

Red Square is a UNESCO World Heritage site one of only a thousand designated throughout the world that represents a cultural or landmark that is worth preserving for the next millennium. Even though Russia is a state currently embracing communism, it has an amazing amount of beautifully wrought old world cathedrals and an endless supply of topnotch art to embellish the gilded and frescoed walls. The Obamas will be a another rare sight as they arrive for a state visit in Russia. Updated with photos and to correct a few spelling errors.

The Obama girls in their matching trench coats depart AF1 holding the hands of thir parents as they meet the official Russian greeting party.

First official activity is the laying of a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Russia. The military high step as done by the Russian military proceeds the president and the first lady.

The Obamas enter the Kremlin - AP Photo

The Russian First Lady, Svetlana, and US First Lady, Michelle, get to know each other as they have water as they tour the beautiful museums inside the Kremlin managed by the first cosmonaut's daughter


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