Saturday, June 6, 2009

Love in the East Wing & Paris

Amor. Je te adore. Je t'aime. In the City of Lights & Love - Paris no less. Who has time for romance working in a frenetic White House. The answer is tons of people both fictional and in real life across two centuries of time. Even presidents have found time to date and marry while in office in movies and most definitely in real life. The youngest first lady, Frances Folsom, was 21 years old when she married Grover Cleveland. The West Wing featured the rocky love affair between the chief of staffs of the president and the first lady finally resolving at the end of the West Wing television drama. Donna & Josh mixed roughhouse politics and being anxiety-ridden paramours.

Love in the White House an example from the latest lovebirds.

Congratulations to the White House's newest engaged press couple - the First lady's press secretary, Katie McCormick-Lelyveld and long time aide, Tommy Vietor, the President's assistant press secretary.
The first lady's press secretary received a jaw-dropping, bended-knee surprise wed-me please proposal at the Élysée American Embassy in France from the president's assistant press secretary. A confederacy of conspirators in both the East and West Wings made it happen using Malia & Sasha as the bait to get Katie McCormick-Lelyveld to get cracking on Friday as the message said they were ready to go to the Eiffel Tower now and she was not there. He better check that answer she gave when it quiets down as she was in a state of shock when she said YES. They will always have Paris! Meanwhile, the Obama Girls did actually make it to the Eiffel Tower.

All of the Obama ladies made the Eiffel Tower tour including Michelle's 13 year old niece and daughter of brother Craig, Leslie, and her mother Marian Robinson.
The City of Lights, one of my most favorite. Courtesy of National Geographic
The White House is the scene for many romances in real life, many casual acquaintances become life partners in the crucible that is a glammed-up government office building set amidst a rose-filled presidential park. With a broken engagement behind her and a love affair with George Hamilton, presidential daughter, Lynda Bird Johnson met a Marine captain, Charles Robb, and married him in the East Room at the White House. A beautiful June ceremony for another presidential daughter, Tricia Nixon, as she wed Ed Cox June 12, 1971 in a beautiful Rose Garden ceremony. Few remember, Doro Bush, the daughter of a president and sister of a future president married at a first-ever wedding ceremony at Camp David. For staff members there is the political odd couple of Clinton strategist James Carville managing a competing campaign and a love-war-love affair with George H.W. Bush's senior aide, Mary Matalin in the early 1990s. Another Obama deputy press secretary, Jen Psaki, was in her jammies when her fiancé proposed wedded bliss this year after setting the scene by whipping up dinner. (Engagement picture of Ed Cox & Tricia Nixon 1971)


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