Sunday, February 1, 2009

About East Wing Rules

This is a labor of joy. The White House's East Wing is enjoying a renaissance like no other as the social center in American public life. Mix in a First Family with star power and it is instant catnip to the world's professional press and peeping paparazzi. White House events happen through collaboration and a small tightly held group of staff and insiders planning events to match the History of their times. One White House Usher together with a Social Secretary and untold heroes & heroines of calligraphy pen, lawnmower pros, tuxedoed folks mixed among those who whisper into their sleeves with fine dining from an Executive Chef to best present the United States of America on the world stage in one of the most famous houses on Earth is exceptionally worthy subject material.

This is my place to laud, lament, question and celebrate the East Wing. In 2009, already wrought with historic changes that make this a place to chronicle some of the events and ceremonies to come.

One of our goals is to blog full time with multiple posts per day. Any small gift or donation towards that Dream is wonderful. There are a few books we need to acquire as well. It is not pretty when one has to keep returning them back to the library. All contributions are appreciated as Treasure beyond measure!

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Anonymous said...
Thursday, 10 September, 2009  

Love this site, thank you for the history and the beautiful imagery of the East Wing.


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